My Story – From a Drunk to a Doctor in a Decade

I was asked to write a guest blog for the UK Recovery Walk website, which I was really happy to do.  Here is a taster of that blog, you can read the rest of it on the UK Recovery Walk website.

For a few years now some people, my boss, some friends, my mother, my GP and especially my wife, had been telling me that I had a drink problem and, up till now, I had managed to ignore them.  Now I was in a psychiatric ward, feeling like s*%$ and a psychiatrist is sitting opposite me telling me that I have liver damage, brain damage and if I continue to drink I have six months to live.  Even for me, that was difficult to ignore.  Fortunately I didn’t ignore him and that was the real beginning of recovery.  That was in August 1984.

When I came out of hospital I was not in a great state.  My wife had left me and was not coming back, who could blame her she had tried for years to change me without success.  I was heavily in debt, so the marital house had to be sold to pay the bank.

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